Animation Bootcamp

Winter of 2018 I enrolled in animation bootcamp through the School of Motion. Here you can see my journey and progress as I try to become a better animator!

Ordered - Oldest to Newest




Evaluation Animation

The first week was just a practice evaluation of our current after effect/animation skill level. 



Touch Every Frame 

Exercise where we used Adobe Animate to create a simple shape animation to work on timing and spacing. 





Value Graph

Exercise where we were to practice using the value graph to animate between 3 steps 



Speed Graph

Exercise where we used the speed graph to create smooth motion while dodging the blue planes. 






2 different types of overshoot for this exercise.The first was more bouncy and fun while the second was more hard with sharp movements.  




Bouncy Balls

Every ball has a different way of bouncing, this was a animation to show that. I practice 2 types of ball bounces and then how that ball may interact with objects in a room. 








Follow Thru

Animate this nice pool noodle logo to create and work on follow thru. Used a mixuture of duik and the puppet pin tool. 




Pong Challenge 

Start to piece everything we have been learning together in a more complex animation. 






Midway Checkpoint

We were to repeat the first exercise we were given to see how we improved. Was also amazing to see how much more comfortable I was using the graph editor and different principles of animation. 

Animation Reinforcement, Circle Society

Exercise where were were given boards and a VO the task was to practice everything we learned and reinforce our movements. 





Eye Control

A fun project where we practice eye tracing techniques. We were given boards and had to figure out how to transition the eye to different places in the frame.